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Types of Monitors

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B/W Monitor and Color Monitor

In the past, 9 to 12 inch (diagonal) B/W monitors were widely used in the field. These days, many people are looking for 14 inches for color monitor and 17 inches for B/W. As the color monitor needs 3 different color dots to produce one pixel of information on the monitor, it usually has lower resolution than B/W monitor.

Single Monitor, Quad Monitor and 4-Ch. Monitor

Single Monitor is usually professional monitor with one video input of BNC jack. Quad splitter, video switcher or multiplexer can be connected to single monitor to combine multiple cameras. Quad monitor has built-in quad splitter and usually has 4 DIN jacks for video inputs. 4-Ch. Monitor has built-in 4 channel video switcher and usually has 4 DIN jacks for video inputs. Quad Monitor or 4-Ch. Monitor is usually a part of packaged observation system and is not compatible with other manufacturer's camera or cable.


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