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About Video Switcher

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Video Switcher is a combiner to combine multiple cameras and to show them on a monitor screen one by one, manually or automatically. When it works on automatic sequential mode, you can program the dwelling time on each camera, usually from 1 second to 30 or 60 seconds. Most video switchers have BNC jacks for video input so that if your cameras have RCA connections, you will need BNC/RCA adapters. This adapter may be provided by the equipment supplier or can be found easily at any electronic parts shop like Radio Shack or Best Buy, etc. Most commercialized video switchers are for 4 channels or 8 channels, which can be connected by up to 4 or 8 cameras. Video Switcher works for both B/W and color cameras and is to be connected to a CCTV monitor, TV or VCR.


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