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Digital Video Recorder

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DVR, Digital Video Recorder, records video pictures digitally on a hard disk drive(HDD). This HDD, usually built-in, has capacity of 250 Gb, 320 Gb or 1.5TB to store the records. You can program the picture resolution and recording speed (how many frames per second) according to the application; real-time or time lapse recording also available. Overwriting the oldest pictures is programmable.

Event alarm recording which records only when a movement is captured within the image frame is easier to program and more reliable than the Time Lapse VCR's alarm recording function. You just assign dots over the screen where you want to detect the movement. As DVR records digitally, the image quality remains the same regardless of how many times the images are stored or rerecorded. And, you can select images quickly by using time/date or alarm search, or just browsing through.


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