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About Lens Mount

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C-Mount Lens

The flange back (distance from the surface where the lens comes in contact with the camera to the focal point) of C-Mount lens is 17.526mm(0.69 inch). This is the only difference between the C-Mount lens and CS-Mount lens. C-Mount lens, as well as CS-Mount, is 1 inch diameter with 32 TPI (threads per inch). A C-Ring (5mm spacer ring) is required when a C-Mount lens is to be mounted to a CS-Mount camera unless the camera has built-in Flange-back Adjusting Ring.

CS-Mount Lens

The flange back of CS-Mount lens is 12.5mm(0.492 inch). This is 5mm shorter than the C-Mount lens and you need a 5mm spacer ring (or, C-ring) when you mount a C-Mount lens to a CS-Mount camera. (So, CS-Mount camera is always compatible with C- or CS-Mount lens. But, C-Mount camera is not compatible with CS-Mount lens. Most professional cameras are CS-Mount cameras and include a C-ring.)

Fixed Mount Lens

While C- or CS-Mount lens can be changed according to your application, the fixed mount lens, usually found on board cameras and mini cameras does not have standard mount size and can not be changed as easily as C- or CS-Mount lens.


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