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What is Electronic Shutter?

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         Electronic Shutter, one of the major features of CCD camera, is not really a moving shutter, but a clever piece of signal processing. Under low light conditions, the CCD is allowed to gather signal at the electronic shutter speed of full 1/60th of a second. Under brighter lighting conditions, the video processing chip automatically responds by reading the CCD and then immediately "early purging" it, resulting in precise control over the video level. Even at a shutter speed of 1/100,000th of a second, the CCD camera is still delivering 60 images per second, but each image is gathered over a much shorter period of time. It doesn't end with the CCD...the image is constantly monitored and optimized by advanced on board signal processing circuitry. The end result is a fantastic picture, with no fiddling, no adjustments, and best of all, unbelievable reliability.


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